Gaiser announces New Publications on “Racketeering” Case for Tuesday

The Italy-based journalist Laris Gaiser, who is the author of the articles in Italian newspaper “La Verita” including recordings related to the “Racketeering” case, announced on his Facebook profile revelation of new details about the case on Tuesday. “On 13 August 2019 at around 11:00 a.m. the Italian radio station Capodistria will do a live broadcast of new facts, and I will speak live about the publications,” Gaiser writes on Facebook. Gaiser already published via “La Verita” one video and three audio recording related to the “Racketeering” case in which 1TV owner Bojan Jovanovski and businessman Zoran Mileski are suspected for extortion of money from businessman Orce Kamcev, with the recordings revealing involvement of the Head of Special Public Prosecution (SPO) Katica Janeva.