Gashi, Kasami, and Mexhiti Call on Xhaferi to Put Changes up for Vote Right away

Alternative leader Afrim Gashi, BESA leader Bilall Kasami, and Democratic Movement leader Izet Mexhiti have called on Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi to put the proposal for starting constitutional changes up for a vote right away.

As they said on Thursday, if there is no two-thirds majority, Parliament should be dissolved and early elections should be held, while the next composition of the legislative home should continue the EU integration process. They asked for the constitutional changes process to be accompanied by their demand for erasure of the words “20 per cent” and replacement of theirs with “the Albanian language”. However, they didn’t specify whether they would insist on that or support the constitutional changes regardless.

Kasami, Gashi, and Mexhiti also asked for a constitutional amendment to be introduced to procedure that will prevent the statute of limitations from expiring in cases concerning political corruption.