German Embassy reacts to comparisons of 27 April case to Nuremberg processes

Comparing the Macedonian judicial services’ procedures to the Nuremberg processes is inappropriate, according to the German Embassy in Skopje. As the Embassy added on Friday, the comparison minimises the acts of the Nazi criminals. “The responsible persons in North Macedonia should contribute to overcoming the division of society and lead constructive dialogue on the country’s future in the direction of the Euro-Atlantic integrations,” it said, describing the statements about Nuremberg processes as unacceptable. According to VMRO-DPMNE, Mickoski’s comments were understood in a completely wrong context. As it was explained, the comparison was made metaphorically in two parts: the scope of people and the draconic sentences. “In no way does it concerns the essence of the act. It’s clear that the former concerns severe crimes against mankind, whereas what’s happening in Macedonia is politically staged cases,” the opposition party pointed out.