Gjoko Kotevski to remain Director of Suto Orizari prison

Gjoko Kostevski will continue to be Director of the Suto Orizari prison until the presidential elections. His resignation over the incident in which former ministers Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristovski were attacked will be reviewed by the Government after the elections. The law says that it cannot be accepted right away, according to the Government, which sees nothing problematic with it because it considers it to be an act of moral responsibility. “The resignation has been noted to the Government, but according to all legal regulations, it will be reviewed after the local elections. The Directorate for Sanctions is processing that report. The resignation is an act of moral responsibility and I see no problem that it’s been submitted now,” spokesperson Mile Bosnjakovski stated. Kotevski declined to comment on the report from the internal investigation within the prison. For now, disciplinary measures will be initiated against 11 persons due to oversights in their work. The comprehensive report is a secret, the Sanctions Directorate Director, Jovica Stojanovic, points out. VMRO-DPMNE isn’t satisfied without outcome and described the case as attempted lynch. The party still considers that there should also be political responsibility. The Interior Ministry is seriously looking into situations in prisons after the latest threats from the so-called Divo Naselje group. The Ombudsman, too, reacted, saying detainees and convicts freely use mobile phones in their cells. The Government still hasn’t answered the question about installing jammers even though the Sanctions Directorate has asked for funds to be allocated for that.