Government Adopts Text of Initiative for Constitutional Changes

At a session on Tuesday, the Government adopted the text of the initiative for constitutional changes and decided for the document to be submitted to Parliament.

According to the initiative, Bulgarians and another five peoples will be included in the Preamble and Articles 49 and 78, that is, the Bulgarian people, Croatian people, Montenegrin people, Slovenian people, Jewish people, and Egyptian people will be the ones added. The draft-changes strengthen the country’s multiethnic character, the Government said after the session.

“Our country is a successful example of a multi-ethnic democracy in the region and Europe, and an example of respecting civil and human rights,” it added. The Government said it expected constructiveness from all parties, conscientiousness from all MPs, and focus on achieving above-party consensus with regards to the adoption of the changes as part of the negotiating framework with the EU.