Government plans to Spend around 80 Million denars for Referendum campaign

The government will provide around 80 million denars (around 1.3 million euros) for the referendum campaign. If all money isn’t spent, the rest will be returned to the budget. When it comes to social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube, the plans are for it to spent 400,000 denars (around 66,000 euros) from the General Secretariat’s regular budget. As it was explained, the 84th session of the government saw it oblige the Finance Ministry to prepare a draft-decision for provide 80 million denars from the current budget reserve. Regarding the referendum, the government said it planned, through a process of planned public communication, to be showing the benefits of EU and NATO membership for citizens. The campaign will also see the government explaining the Skopje-Athens name deal and urging citizens to exercise their right to vote.

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