Greek Organisations demand Annulment of Name Issue Agreement

The Greek Federation of Cultural Associations of Macedonians and the Pan-Macedonian Associations of Macedonians in Diaspora have submitted to the Greek Constitutional Court a request for annulment of the Macedonia-Greece Name Issue Agreement and the letters Greece sent to NATO and EU for removal of the veto on Macedonia’s accession. The signatories of the letter claim that the agreement between the two countries may result in “swift breakup of Greece” and that violates the Greek constitution. “The agreement insults us as Macedonians, because it takes away our right to call ourselves Macedonians. We are forced to explain the footnotes of the agreement by saying we have an antique descent, while the others are of Slavic background, that they speak the Slavic Macedonian language, while we use the antique Macedonian, namely Greek language. Utterly ridiculous,”Besides this, protests against the Name Issue Agreement were once again held in Athens. The protesters were chanting “Macedonia is Greek! Traitors!” and clashed with the police, which had to use tear gas to put the situation under control.

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