Greek MFA: Institutions should React to Name use not in Line with Name deal

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has sent a letter to institutions in which Greek delegations are warned to react immediately if they spot name and terminology use that is not in line with the Prespa Agreement. They’re told not to sign documents and deals if the name is misused. Also, it’s explained that the terms “Macedonian Government” or “Macedonian minister” mustn’t be used in any way, that is, that “of North Macedonia” should be applied. The right use when it comes to nationality is “Macedonian/citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia”. Regarding licence plates, the abbreviation will be “NM” or “NMK”. When it comes to the other codes, “MK” and “MKD” remain. The new name will be included in all documents issued after 12 February. A stamp containing the new constitutional name will be used in the transitional period. According to the Greek state information agency, in that regard, Greek authorities are expected to issue special guidelines. While Greece’s institutions are getting used to the neighbour’s new name, former Defence Minister Panos Kammenos said on Wednesday his country could conquer Macedonia any time. “We do not feel any threat. Skopje is a 20-minute job. If a troop of tanks decided to cross the border, it will reach the other side of Skopje. It will reach Serbia,” he was quoted as telling TRT, Kathimerini reports.