IPIS Survey: Majority of Respondents Support Protests

The majority of Macedonians are against accepting the so-called French proposal, and most of them support the protests. This is shown in the survey of the Institute for Political Research from Skopje, conducted through a telephone survey in the period between 4 and 6 July on 1,114 adult respondents at the level of North Macedonia. When asked, would you accept the start of negotiations with the EU, at the price of North Macedonia agreeing to the so-called French proposal, 72.8 percent of the ethnic Macedonians covered by the survey answered no. Out of the total number of respondents, which includes answers from other ethnic communities in North Macedonia, 56 percent of the respondents spoke against the French proposal. 62.8 percent of ethnic Macedonians believe that the new proposal is the same as the previous one, and 67 percent of them support the protests that have been held in Skopje in recent days, where the demonstrators demand that the government reject the proposal.