IRC threatens Government over Denationalisation process


On Friday, the Islamic Religious Community threatened the government, that is, it said the authorities had 10 days to solve the processes for denationalisation of the waqf property. If not, it will inform Muslims in 700 mosques before the start of the election campaign that there is a slow, selective and discriminatory denationalisation process for the IRC’s property. It asked for a written notification from the Government about the activities it will take. If that doesn’t happen, the IRC will inform all foreign factors in Macedonia. It added that the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC) was favoured. The Government published the letter signed by the IRC’s Head, Sulejman Rexhepi. It contains blackmails, threats and ultimatums over cases about which procedures are underway before institutions. The Government stated it was seriously thinking about notifying the relevant public prosecutor’s office. “The Republic of North Macedonia is a secular country. This executive power will not take steps with which it would manipulate religious feelings or interfere in relations inside religious communities or among them,” it stressed, adding that it was not true that the MOC was a favoured religious community. The following day, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski described the IRC’s letter as blackmail.