Jan Kop: It’s in Everyone’s Interest for Skopje to Start Accession Talks with EU

Dutch Ambassador in Skopje Dirk Jan Kop said that it is for the best interest of everyone for North Macedonia to become part of the EU. “We want to see prosperity and stability in North Macedonia, and for that there are no other alternatives but NATO and EU. The following steps and decisions are national decisions of North Macedonia. This agreement will not win a beauty contest, but it will most certainly take the country to the EU.  Indeed, at the moment Bulgaria is obstructing these processes, but I am optimistic that with proper reforms and progress in the process, you will reach a much better position in the accession talks later. It is important for Skopje and Sofia to reach a compromise now, before the opening of the accession talks. It is the EU’s policy that bilateral issues between two countries cannot and should not be part of the negotiation framework, and to be honest, I am more interested about the end of the accession talks rather than the beginning, because only in the end, when you fulfil all conditions, you become part of the European family,” Ambassador Jan Kop said, adding that the citizens of North Macedonia still have trust in EU, but not much in the state institutions.