Janakieski reportedly Asked Ivanov to pardon All persons Charged in SPO cases

In the decision to issue a detention measure for Mile Janakieski, an official remark is cited saying that the former Minister of Transport and Communications, through an intermediary, asked President Gjorge Ivanov to pardon all persons facing procedures launched by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, as a last chance and salvation from criminal accountability and spending time in prison. At the meeting with Ivanov, the intermediary was told the President didn’t intend to interfere in court decisions. The demand was rejected. According to the proposal for detention obtained by Telma TV, Janakieski has a bank account outside Macedonia, which would make an escape of his outside the country easier. The unnamed source, who served as the intermediary, claims that Janakieski will escape if he isn’t pardoned by the President. In response, the President’s Cabinet denied any involvement with the decision on the detention measure, adding that Janakieski demanded by phone a meeting with Ivanov, which was held at 4 pm on 13 November. The amnesty and pardon topics weren’t at all mentioned, the Cabinet noted.