Judicial Council Reacts Against SCPC in Relation to Merko’s Designation

The Judicial Council called upon the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption
(SCPC) to provide proof for their claim that back in 2018 they reacted to the Judicial
Council over allegations about Struga Mayor Ramiz Merko’s involvement in corruptive
activities. From the Judicial Council they react against, as they state, the labels put on
them and their work, that they allegedly assisted actions for stalling or complete failure of
legal procedures against Merko. “The very day when the US blacklisted Merko, the
Judicial Council took immediate action by sending teams to conduct investigation at the
Struga Court. It is surprising indeed how SCPC took almost 2 years to react over events
at the Struga Court for which the statute of limitations had expired, so the logical
question that is to be asked here is why SCPC never bothered to request information
whether their reports have been acted upon or not,” they react from the Judicial Council.