Justice Minister Deskoska comments on Potential options if Threshold isn’t met

If the necessary threshold isn’t met in the elections, the possibility of constitutional changes isn’t excluded in the field of threshold to elect a President. “We have a recommendation from the Venice Commission that the threshold that exists in the Constitution is something that is not proper and must be removed,” she stated on Thursday. According to Deskoska, a constitutional change aiming at facilitation of the process to elect President is something that’s already been recommended also by the OSCE, that is, by the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR). “There are two options. The first is the President being elected at direct elections without a necessary majority of turnout in the second round. That means who gets more votes, wins. Here, you have no possibility of undermining elections through boycott. The other option is electing the President in Parliament. Those are two different options that are possible and that exist in comparative law,” the Minister noted.