Justice Ministry: Government, Opposition teams met on Monday over SPO Law

The Justice Ministry revealed that a meeting of the groups for negotiations over the draft-law on the Special Public Prosecution (SPO) was held on Monday evening, with some media reporting that by PM Zoran Zaev and VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski attended the meeting. “Even though a final agreement is yet to be reached, we can conclude that there is significant progress in the negotiations, with both teams agreeing to proceed with consultations,” they inform from the Justice Ministry. On Monday, PM Zoran Zaev said that some of the amendments filed by VMRO-DPMNE were integrated in the new text of the draft-law on SPO, but from VMRO-DPMNE they denied these claims, stating that the text that was sent to them by the Justice Ministry did not include the amendments they filed.