Justice Ministry: Legal grounds to Request extradition of Gruevski exist

According to the Justice Ministry, there are legal grounds for Macedonia to request for former PM Nikola Gruevski to be extradited. “That is The European Convention on Extradition,” the institution pointed out on Sunday. The extradition request is being prepared and necessary documentation being gathered. It is expected to be sent to Hungary as soon as possible. An Albanian police spokesperson stated that Gruevski had undoubtedly entered Albania by foot because his entry wasn’t registered at any Macedonian-Albanian border crossing. From Albania, he entered Montenegro and then went to Serbia through Dobrakovo Border Crossing, according to Serbian and Montenegrin media, which added that he had headed to Hungary from the Serbian capital. Some domestic media reported the unconfirmed information by Bulgarian news agency Focus, according to which Gruevski has left Hungary and headed to either Turkey or Russia. On the other hand, according to Macedonia’s Interior Ministry, Gruevski is officially still in Hungary and has so far not gone to another country.