Kamcev testifies in “Racketeering” case

A new hearing over the “Racketeering” case took place on Friday, in which the businessman Orce Kamcev provided his testimony as a witness and a damaged party in the case. The case focuses on the actions of Bojan Jovanovski, businessman Zoran Milevski-Kiceec and the former Head of the Special Public Prosection (SPO) Katica Janeva, which extorted from Kamcev a great sum of money in return for using their influence and official positions to act out lighter measures against him in the “Empire” case processed by SPO. “I found out I was targeted back in August 2018. In several of the meetings I had with Jovanovski, while making business offers to me, he used to warn me that there are criminal cases constructed against me. In meantime, I paid 180,000 euros for advertising my businesses via his TV station (1TV). After that, he sent me a picture of himself and Janeva together, and told me that something very big is being prepared against me. I consulted some friends of mine from Bulgaria, and they advised me to pay Jovanovski the amount he asks, but to somehow mark the notes and record the entire thing. I first offered him 250,000 euros, but he only told me that Janeva is very nervous, after which I decided to pay him one million euros. While I was in house arrest for the “Empire” case, I went to SPO 4 times for interrogations, and on one occasion Janeva told me “to stick to what I have arranged with Jovanovski”. Once I gave the money to Jovanovski, I reported the case to the Police Department for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK) telling them I gave Jovanovski one million euros in cash in a Louis Viton leather bag, and they told me they started following me due to the great withdrawal from banks. They advised me to preserve the security camera footage from the day I paid Jovanovski the one million euros in cash,” Kamcev said in his testimony. He also added that SPO Prosecutor Lile Stefanova is also involved in the case, claiming that she asked for money for her daughter to open dentistry clinic in one of the buildings of businessman Vanco Cifliganec, hence her being selected to process the “Empire” case against Kamcev. He also mentioned that there are no politicians involved in the entire affair.