Kocarev: Agreements with Bulgaria, Greece Will Destroy Macedonia

President of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) Ljupco Kocarev said in his address at the annual assembly of MANU that the Prespa Agreement and the Good-Neighbourliness Agreement will “destroy Macedonia” and “provoke destabilisation of the region”. “Any country that builds its future upon illegal and undignifying documents is doomed to fail and be destroyed. The Macedonian national substrate consists of the Macedonians in the country and the Macedonians living abroad, and all national and international documents that do not conform to this premise are the main source of our present-day problems, and serve for the purpose of destruction of Macedonia. In the Prespa Agreement, Macedonia was abused by the US, which only wanted to sacrifice a mere insignificant pawn for their greater political interests,” Kocarev said in his speech, accenting that these views are his personal ones only. He went on to accuse the EU that they try to avoid the process of enlargement, saying that the EU’s silent approval of the demand of Bulgaria towards North Macedonia is in fact approval for “destruction of Macedonia”.