Kovacevski: French Proposal Protects Macedonian Language

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said in an interview for MIA that the latest French proposal for lifting of the Bulgarian veto over the start of the EU integration of North Macedonia completely protects the Macedonian language. “We shall start the EU accession talks with clear and intact Macedonian language, without additional explanations or footnotes. The unilateral statements by official Sofia have absolutely no effect over the entire process. Once North Macedonia becomes a full-fledged EU member, the citizens will be able to address the EU in Macedonian language, and the EU will be obliged to respond them in that language as well. Once we sign the contract with Frontex, the Macedonian language will become part of the legislature of the EU. This way, the Macedonian language will not only be fully protected, but it will go through a great promotion throughout the EU. We approach times in which our language and culture will become part of the EU,” Kovacevski said.