Kovacevski Holds Press: Identity Issues Are Not Part of New Proposal

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski held a press conference, where he addressed the public regarding the final text of the French proposal for unblocking North Macedonia’s European integration, which arrived at the Government Thursday. Kovacevski said that it arrived at the Government after their intervention in Brussels and their reaction to the draft documents. Official positions will be announced after all consultations with the general public have been completed. “I want to repeat and assure the citizens that we have a plan and a strategy that clearly produces results. Therefore, I appeal to all political actors and the media to refrain from speculation and to rely on official information from the institutions. The process will be transparent and we will share with the public the relevant details after which a final decision can be made. As we promised, the decision for our future will be made jointly, on the merits in accordance with the strategic interests of the country and all its citizens,” said Kovacevski. “Regarding Bulgaria’s views, especially since there were draft ideas, it has been said that identity issues cannot be part of this document and that is what I can confirm. Also, our remarks are part of the proposal, which is now at the MoFA. Prime Minister Kovacevski said that the process at the European Council is not known, but it is known exactly how the process will take place in North Macedonia. The protocol from the Good Neighbourly Agreement signed with Bulgaria will not be part of the negotiation framework,” explained Kovacevski. The French proposal will be submitted to the Parliament, and the opposition and the expert public and non-governmental organizations will express their opinion on it. The Proposal is said to be presented to the media on Friday (1 July).