Kovacevski: War in Ukraine Revealed Geo-Political Void Between EU and WB

PM Dimitar Kovacevski said during the Prespa Forum Dialogue that the situation in Ukraine
has reminded the EU about a certain geo-strategic void in Europe. “The Western Balkans’
(WB) goal is to be fully integrated in the EU, and I think the current leaders of these
countries are able to make the right decision to bring their respective countries closer to
achieving this goal. Our European partners are addressing clear messages that the EU may
be enlarged with the Western Balkans by 2030. Indeed, there is an ongoing war in Ukraine,
but we must not forget that it also influences our region, creating a geo-strategic void,
creating room for winds of instability by other centres of power that may destabilise the
Western Balkans, and by extension, the EU itself. Henceforth, in order to avoid this
influence, we need to work on closing the bilateral issues between our countries,”
Kovacevski said.