Kovacevski: We Are Continuing with Broad Consultation on European Proposal

Prime Minsiter Dimitar Kovacevski, answering a journalist’s question, said that the consultative process for the European proposal has not yet been completed and the talks continue. “Regarding the consultations, we already had an initial meeting with the coalition partners, to which what was presented to them, some of those coalition partners have already expressed positive views regarding the proposal that we have received, some of them are tey to review it and will say their views in the future period, naturally, we have communication with our coalition partners,” said Kovacevski. He emphasized that a part of the opposition parties also remained at the consultation. “This morning I had a telephone conversation with Ziadin Sela, meaning that we will probably meet with the Vice Prime Minister for European Affairs tomorrow so that the proposal that we have on the table will be presented and explained to him in all parts. The President of Parlaiment is part of the Security Council and the discussion at the Parlaiment will take place according to the Parliamentary Procedures, because the Government cannot instruct in which way they will conduct the discussion,” Kovacevski adds.