Krivokapic nominates Zaev and Tsipras for Nobel Peace Prize

The leader of the Social-Democratic Party of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapic sent a formal nomination to the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee, nominating PMs Zoran Zaev and Alexist Tsipras for the adoption of the Prespa Agreement. “This agreement resolved a 27-year long and quite complex dispute between Macedonia and Greece. Zaev and Tsipras demonstrated political will and courage to overcome differences and secure a better future for the citizens of their respective countries. This nomination is not for Zaev and Tsipras only, but for all citizens of Macedonia and Greece too. This is a great example for resolution of bilateral issues,” writes the letter Krivokapic sent to Oslo. This is the second official nomination of Zaev and Tsipras for the Nobel Peace Prize after that of Prize laureate Wided Bouchamaoui.