Kyuchyuk: Demand for Bulgarians to Be Integral Part of Constitution is Fair

The EP Rapporteur on North Macedonia, Bulgarian MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk, has said it’s illogical and difficult to explain the thesis that Albania will be allowed, whereas regarding North Macedonia, the issue will be seen from a historical standpoint. “It’s very hard to explain this thesis. Europe is hard-pressed to understand the intricate historical talks because it must open the Pandora’s Box about the own history, but it doesn’t want to do that. However, Europe understands human rights and freedoms very well,” he says, adding that that’s why, the demand for Bulgarians in North Macedonia to be an integral part of North Macedonia’s Constitution is fair. According to the MEP, there is increased and legitimate pressure by European institutions for a solution to the Skopje-Sofia dispute, while enlargement is a key priority of the current European Commission.