Laskarci crash: Six faced With investigative Procedure

On Thursday, the Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigative procedure against six persons over the bus crash near Laskarci. Seven people were detained. An investigation was launched into six of them, while a precaution measure was requested for the seventh person. Prosecutor Saso Rajcev stated at a press-conference that the driver, who was among the suspects, had been driving over the speed limit of 80 kmh, that is, the vehicle had been going at 99 kmh. “Because of the unadjusted speed on the road, the driver lost control of the bus, after which he crossed into the other lanes and, in the end, flew off the road. Due to the brakes’ technical problems, he wasn’t able to stop the vehicle,” he stated. Among those detained was also the Durmo Tours owner. The Office requested a detention measure for all detainees, which means that they will soon be taken before a judge in previous procedure. The bus crash happened on 13 February on the Tetovo-Skopje motorway. 15 people were killed and many injured.