Latest developments in Relation to Prosecutor’s Office law and Janeva

“The parliamentary parties’ working groups are today working on adjusting the stands on the new Public Prosecutor’s Office law,” SDSM MP Hari Lokvenec said on Thursday, adding that his party was giving the negotiations a chance. He didn’t comment on VMRO-DPMNE’s request for an urgent session to dismiss Katica Janeva as Special Prosecutor. “We will confirm our stand expressed at a Committee, following the plenary session PS Talat Xhaferi will schedule,” he stated. Sitel TV said SDSM adhereed to the stand that Janeva should be dismissed. According to VMRO-DPMNE, however, SDSM doesn’t want for Janeva dismissed. Nikola Micevski from the opposition party asked: “By protecting Janeva, are high officials of SDSM being protected, too?” The same day, Xhaferi said he would schedule by 15 September an urgent session where the only item on the agenda will be a dismissal of Janeva. As he explained, the session hasn’t been held so far because of the wait for the outcome of the leaders’ meeting, which ended unsuccessfully. “It was key for me to have written consent from all parties to dismiss Janeva,” he said.