Lazarevski Testifies in Trial over Target-Fortress Case

After 18 months, the trial over the Target-Fortress case has started. Tuesday’s hearing saw Gjorgji Lazarevski, the whistle-blower from the Interior Ministry’s Fifth Administration who helped take out the discs containing thousands of illegally wire-tapped conversations, testify. Lazarevski talked about the wire-tapping activities. During a phone conversation with a colleague of his, Zvonko Kostovski, who is a witness in the case as well, Lazarevski found out that a lot of people were being wire-tapped. “I asked him whether it was true that current ministers were being wire-tapped and Zvonko’s reaction was that there isn’t anybody that is not being wire-tapped. I asked him to start collecting evidence that will sooner or later be used for a later court resolution to the illegal wire-tapping,” he pointed out.