Macedonia, Kazakhstan sign Agreements for Legal Cooperation

The Macedonian Justice Minister Renata Deskoska and the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Gizat Nurdauletov signed on Thursday in Skopje three agreements focusing on bilateral cooperation between their respective countries. The agreements signed by Deskoska and Nurdauletov focus on establishing conditions for extradition, mutual legal assistance on criminal matters and transfer of convicts. “The signing of these agreements is of great significance for our country, and once they are completely implemented, they will eliminate the legal vacuum between our two countries which can be used by convicts to avoid responsibility,” Deskoska said. According to Nurdauletov, the conclusion of such agreements is evidence of confidence on the part of the European community in the legal system of Kazakhstan, the presence in our country of legal mechanisms that meet generally recognized international standards for guaranteeing the protection of human rights and freedoms. During the visit, the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan also met with the Prosecutor General of Northern Macedonia Lubomir Joveski.