Macedonia Marks National Uprising Day

The Macedonian people’s uprising – October 11 symbolizes our ancient desire for freedom and justice, a country that will defend these values and a future that will guarantee them. On this day 77 years ago, such ambitions and desires seemed completely impossible. Our cities, villages, our region, our Europe at those moments experienced the most difficult days, doomed to violence, victims and hopelessness. Precisely in these difficult moments, the Macedonian national interests and our strategic orientation as a nation were built. This was said by Deputy PM and Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska addressing the central celebration held on National Uprising Day, October 11 in front of the memorial of the liberators of Skopje in the yard of the government’s building. “The WWII fighters were all heroes, who understood and accepted the responsibility that brings freedom. Who understood and accepted that we are responsible and guilty and for the good we have not done. These heroes still remind us: freedom is not a gift, but a privilege,” Sekerinska said.