Macedonian – Greek FMs Agree on Framework for Name Resolution

Macedonia and Greece are very close to final settlement of the name row, FMs Nikola Dimitrov and Nikos Kotzias say. At Monday evening’s meeting in Brussels they have managed to agree on a framework for compromise on the name which is to be completed by experts from both countries. According to Dimitrov, talks between the countries’ PMs is expected by the middle of this week and they will have the final say. “. Major meeting between the PMs is planned where we hope that some major decisions will be made out of the options that are on the table,” says Dimitrov. The Greek FM, Nikos Kotzias, informs that he and his counterpart had finished their tasks assigned to them by the PMs and negotiations continue at level of experts. “The texts drafted by the ministers are to be handed over to the two PMs who will talk and reach the final agreement,” assesses Kotzias.

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