Maslov: Integration of Macedonia in NATO will not bring Stability to Balkan

The Russian Ambassador to Greece Andrey Maslov says in an interview for news agency “sputnik” that the integration of a new country in NATO, in the particular case Macedonia, cannot strengthen in any way the stability in the Balkan region. “Macedonia and Greece managed to reach a solution to their bilateral issue over the constitutional name of the former, and that is good. However, the process for officialising the Prespa Agreement was conducted with a series of violations of fundamental laws and rights in Macedonia, where the government ignored the public’s opinion and carried on the activities, despite the fact that the referendum on 30 September failed. Russia is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, where the Macedonia-Greece name issue has been discussed since 1993, so we have to note that legal regulations for implementation of these processes were seriously violated. An integration of a Balkan country in NATO in such a short period of time will most certainly not bring stability in the region,” Maslov says for “Sputnik”.