Mickoski, Sela, Gashi Will not Attend Celebration of OFA Anniversary

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, Alliance for Albanians (AA) leader Ziadin Sela and Alternative (AAA) leader Afrim Gashi announced that they will not attend the celebration on Friday. “In a time when the country and the citizens are going through crises, facing consequences from the forest fires, as well as the new wave of COVID-19 infections, I cannot allow myself to attend meaningless parades and attempt to celebrate something that did not managed to change anything,” Mickoski said. From AA-AAA they state that even after 20 years the OFA is not yet fully implemented. “Even in the moment when it was created and signed, OFA did not reflect the true political, economic and security situation during the conflict in 2001. It was to be fully implemented by 2004, but today in 2021, many segments are still not implemented. Having this in mind, our party leaders or representatives will not attend this celebration,” they inform from AA-AAA.