Mickoski: We Conduct Analyses over Possibilities for Referendum

VMRO-DPMNE Leader Hristijan Mickoski said that his party is currently analysing possibilities for holding a referendum over the French proposal and the Skopje-Sofia intergovernmental protocol which outline the EU integration process for North Macedonia. “We are considering the option for collecting 150,000 signatures in order to file a referendum initiative to the Parliament. In the following period, we shall consult legal experts in order to define our final position about this. VMRO-DPMNE refused to vote in the Parliament on Saturday because we do not want to give legitimacy to this political frivolity. Those who voted, had no idea what they were voting for, for the intergovernmental protocol was not yet revealed when the voting took place. The conclusions adopted in the Parliament have absolutely nothing to with the protocol that FM Bujar Osmani signed last Sunday,” Mickoski said.