Mickoski: We need Snap Parliamentary Election as soon as possible

In an interview for Alsat TV, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski discussed several political issues in Macedonia, once again calling on the government to organise snap parliamentary election. “We need to give voice to the citizens so that they can decide themselves whether they support these rather counterproductive and anti-state policies of the current government. We are ready to stage peaceful protests until our demands are met. I am certain that once VMRO-DPMNE comes to power, we can redefine the Prespa Agreement, which in its current form, humiliates Macedonia and the Macedonian identity. If we win the parliamentary election and win at least 80 seats in the Parliament, I can assure you that we will reinstate the country’s constitutional name as “Republic of Macedonia”. It is hard to reach any consensus about any laws with the current government, in times when they abuse state institutions to prosecute political opponents. Only thing we can discuss at the moment is organisation of snap parliamentary election,” Mickoski said.