Ministers Pledge Zero Tolerance on Corruption

Zero tolerance on corruption, measures to fight corruption and its elimination in all spheres, actions taken by all executive stakeholders in close cooperation with the non-governmental sector was pledged by government representatives attending Friday’s event with civil organizations. The event, the second in a row, is part of the government’s efforts to organize regular ‘open day’ meetings with civil organizations. This event was dedicated to the fight against corruption. Participants, including five ministers, discussed initiatives filed by civil organizations. “We have all witnessed the gripping scope of corruption and the consequences inflicted on the society. As a result, we are tackling many challenges,” said Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski. He pledged ‘uncompromising’ fight against corruption in all of its forms. The NGO sector has been an active participant and its remarks have been incorporated into the set of judiciary laws, according to Oliver Ristovski, Deputy Justice Minister.

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