Mitsotakis: Skopje’s Conduct, Cooperation to define its Road to EU, NATO

The Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis said during a debate in the Greek Parliament that the conduct and cooperation of Macedonia will define its integration in NATO and EU. “As we have said on several occasions, a priority is to mitigate the negative effects of the Prespa Agreement. The main point here is the protection of Macedonian products in northern Greece and a big international campaign promoting our Macedonia. The conduct and good cooperation of our neighbours will define their path to the EU,” Mitsotakis said. This position of Mitsotakis prompted a reaction by the former Greek PM and current MP Alexis Tsipras. “After your conversation with British PM Theresa May, she welcomed your pledges to fully implement and respect the Prespa Agreement, but your office decided to censor this segment of May’s messages. Why did you censor it? Previously you spoke against the Prespa Agreement, but now you seem to support it. Why,” Tsipras said.