Mogherini: Macedonia should not miss this Opportunity

The High Representative of the EU for Foreign and Security Policy Federica Mogherini visited Macedonia on Thursday afternoon. The High EU Representative called upon the citizens to vote in the referendum on the Prespa Agreement. “Only with strong and determined political leadership your country may develop and progress. I would like to tell the citizens of Macedonia to remember, once they go to the polls on 30 September, that they are the key that opens the doors of the EU for your country. This is a referendum, not election or something connected to politics. You need to be certain on 1 October that you did the right thing. Your country made many courageous political steps towards EU membership, with the courage culminating with the Prespa Agreement signed with Greece, which puts an end to a 27-year long dispute. The responsibility for the further steps of your country lies within all of you: the Government, the PM, the President of the State, the opposition and the citizens. I am proud to be in Skopje today to send this message of support, and I hope we will soon see you in the EU,” Mogherini said at a press conference in the Old Bazaar.