New composition of SDSM’s Executive Board elected

Renata Deskoska, Dragan Tevdovski, Frosina Remenski and Petre Silegov are among those that will be members of SDSM’s new Executive Board, the party decided at the Central Board session in Ohrid on Sunday. The Executive Board will also include Blagojce Bocvarski, Kostadin Kostadinov, Esras Alihi, Gjoko Tanasoski, Vesna Gersan, Vasko Talevski, Tanja Stojanovska-Ivanova, Ljatifa Sikovska, Stefan Bogoev, Keti Vasilevska, Nina Velkova and Marinela Ojleska. PE “Water Supply and Sewerage” Director Dusko Veskovski is the party’s new Organisational Secretary. He will leave the directorial post at the PE. SDSM Sec Gen Ljupco Nikolovski said the new organs of the party would focus on work on the ground, with all capacities focused on solving citizens’ needs. According to PM and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, a Central Board session will follow at which the party’s Vice Presidents will be elected. Earlier that day, Zaev had said regarding the announced reshuffle that eight new ministers and at least 20 directors of public enterprises would be replaced. The names will be known by the end of next week.