New Media Reports about Gruevski’s Alleged Route Emerge

Citing Montenegrin Police Administration sources, media in the country report that former PM Nikola Gruevski was taken out of Montenegro towards Serbia by Hungary’s Deputy Ambassador and Consul. He left the country’s territory the day he entered, through Dobrakovo Border Crossing, at 10:16 pm. In Serbia, he entered with a vehicle with licence plates 55A05, accompanied by Zoltan Csaszar and Csaba Felegyhezi, both of whom have Hungarian diplomatic passports. Gruevski entered Montenegro on 11 November at 7:19 pm, at Bozaj Border Crossing, using an own ID. No protective measure appeared in the search system, so he, accompanied by Kulcsar Antal and Varfalvai Csaba, with a Volkswagen Jetta with licence plates CD 1023, smoothly crossed the border. According to some media in Macedonia, Gruevski emptied his accounts as early as September. Though the information is unofficial, the Special Prosecutor’s Office says it has nothing to freeze because Gruevski has no property and money to his name, while his bank accounts are at zero. Moreover, Hungarian media reveal it’s possible that Gruevski arrived in Hungary on 14 November by plane owned by an oligarch close to Hungarian PM Viktor Orban. If it is true that Gruevski arrived that way, it means that the authorities violated the current asylum law and rulebook, as well as the recently changed Constitution. Because of a suspicion that those crimes were committed, independent MP Akos Hadhazy pressed a charge in Budapest against an unknown perpetrator. Several media in Orban’s country also report a statement by a well-informed diplomat who claims that based on the diplomatic licence plates, that is, the number 55, Gruevski was actually in a car owned by a diplomatic mission of Belarus.