Nikoloski: We will Reach Better Agreement if this Agreement Fails

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski in an interview with Radio Free Europe says the order of priorities for Macedonia’s admission to NATO and EU are reforms and afterward solving of the name spat. Nikoloski assesses that much better deal can be struck with Greece as compared to the current one. “I am absolutely convinced that a better deal can be reached than this one with Greece. Firstly, you cannot allow the Greek party to hire 60 international experts, primarily international law attorneys and experts while you fail to engage a single one,” says Nikoloski, noting the positions cannot change overnight and be publicly presented at all times. According to him, new deal can be reached as it is in the interest of Greece to solve this issue as well. “If this change of the Constitution is not passed now and if the deal is not accepted by citizens and parliament we are prepared with this or any other Greek government to negotiate and I am certain we will reach a better agreement,” says Nikoloski.

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