Organisations Launch Campaign for Boycott of Referendum

About thirty civic associations, political parties and NGOs signed Sunday a memo of cooperation in order to boycott the name referendum in Macedonia, scheduled for 30 September. Under the helm of United Macedonia party leader Janko Bacev, they set up a crisis headquarters for the campaign. The anti-referendum campaign brings together the ‘Hristijansko Bratsvo’ (Christian Fraternity); ‘Makedonium’; ‘Amenet 1903’ (1903 Oath); Third Party of Macedonians; ‘Tvrdokorni’ (The Hardcores); VMRO-DPMNE/ Democratic Faction, other parties and NGOs. The campaign is launched under the slogan ‘Macedonia Boycotts’. Bacev said that the party he leads pledges for Macedonia to turn its political and national interests towards Russia, and announced prosecution for everyone that in any way contributes to the implementation of the Macedonia-Greece Name Issue Agreement.

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