Osmani: Majority of Citizens Supports Macedonia’s Integration in NATO and EU

In an interview for Alsat TV, The Vice-PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani believes that a majority of the citizens of Macedonia would positively respond to the referendum and Support the Name Issue Agreement between Macedonia and Greece. “A turnout of fewer than 50 % at the referendum would mean that the citizens leave it up to the Parliament to make the decision upon this issue, so in certain way, not voting in the referendum is still a kind of support to the agreement. I am absolutely sure that most of the citizens support the agreement, as well as Macedonia’s integration in NATO and EU. By calling for annulment of the agreement, the opposition, including Albanian parties, wants Macedonia isolated from international organisations and unions and a hostage of Russian influence. It is clearly stated in the agreement that the language, the citizenship and other important segments of the national identity of Macedonia will remain unchanged. What we need to do now is focus on the screening process for the integration in the EU, and implement all the necessary reforms,” Osmani said.

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