Osmani: We Will Publish Protocol with Bulgaria Before We Sign It

Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani stated that the protocol from the meetings between the foreign ministries of North Macedonia and Bulgaria will be revealed to the public before it is signed. “I promise that the protocol will be presented to the public promptly, and then we will resort to its signing. I can tell you that official Sofia is not very satisfied with the agreement contained in the French proposal, for they will have to recognise the Macedonian language. The only thing official Sofia is getting here is the registration of Bulgarians in the Constitution of North Macedonia, and absolutely nothing more,” Osmani said. In meantime, Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki published a video as a reaction to Osmani’s claims. “Mister Osmani, the history doesn’t have multiple versions. It is a scientific fact that Goce Delcev and king Samuel are Bulgarian, and that VMRO were always fighting for liberation of the Bulgarians in Macedonia. We will never make compromises over our history,” Dzhambazki said.