Parliament adopts State budget for 2020

With 65 votes in favour and 23 against, the Parliament of Macedonia adopted on Sunday the State Budget for 2020 and the Law on Implementation of the State Budget. The budget for 2020 is projected at 3.9 billion euros, incomes are projected at 3.6 billion euros, expenditures at 3.9 billion euros, capital investments planned for 2020 are 23.6 billion denars, while the budget deficit is projected at 2.3 %. Finance Minister Nina Angelovska said that in 2020 the main focus of the state budget will be investments in human capital, i.e. improvement of the systems for education, healthcare and social welfare and protection. The opposition they criticised the government, claiming they have adopted a budget with more money for party employments and purchasing votes for the upcoming snap election in April 2020.