PM Zaev demands Accountability from Judicial authorities

In a video-message published on the web site of the government and its profiles on social networks, the PM Zoran Zaev voiced dissatisfaction with the work of the judicial authorities in Macedonia. “We gave a chance to the judiciary to function independently and properly, but unfortunately, we saw no results. Because of this, the judiciary will have to face the citizens, and be purified from those that have damaged its reputation. The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption will examine the asset declarations and the origin of the properties of all politicians and carriers of public functions, including myself. The judges and prosecutors will also be covered with this process. The Judicial Council and the Council of Public prosecutors should also investigate and determine responsibility of judges and prosecutors for cases of which the statute of limitation has expired and perpetrators are no longer held responsible. I also call upon the European Commission to provide assistance in form of legal advice and suggestions,” Zaev said in his address to the public.