PM Zaev speaks to German Chancellor Merkel on the phone

The Government of Macedonia informs that right after the official visit of the Greek PM Alexis Tsipras to Skopje, the PM Zoran Zaev spoke on the phone with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. As the government notes in a press release, Zaev informed Merkel of the outcome of Tsipras’s visit and the bilateral cooperation agreements in numerous fields the governments of both countries signed, as well as the business forum bringing closer companies from Macedonia and Greece. The PM Zaev thanked Chancellor Merkel for the support Germany provided in all processes important for the integration of Macedonia in NATO and EU, including the signing of the Prespa Agreement, as well as the economic advisor employed in the Macedonian government. Merkel welcomed the positive development of processes related to the Prespa Agreement implementation, as well as the implementation of reforms in numerous sectors necessary for the integration of Macedonia in NATO and EU.