PM’s advisers and EU road in Focus of session for Parliamentary questions

At Thursday’s session for parliamentary questions, PM Zoran Zaev, talking about his advisers, said Aleksandar Ruzin was a young, well-educated man that could be of help. According to him, the advisers were hired in order to give them an opportunity to build themselves in Macedonia’s society and in order for their capacities to be used. VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonijo Milososki also asked the PM why Ruzin’s and Ljupco Zafirovski’s monthly wages were 50,000 and 75,000 denars, respectively. Zaev also said they’d been hired because they had ties in France that benefit the Government. Ruzin works on several projects as well as on attracting foreign investments from France. When it comes to Zafirovski, the PM doesn’t know how much he is paid, but it is high because he spends most of his time in France and has ties in President Emmanuel Macron’s Cabinet.  The session, as expected, was marked by many other accusations between ruling coalition representatives and VMRO-DPMNE on several topics, including the economy, the EU road and the situation in the judiciary.