Poll: 7 in 10 Greeks Oppose Name Deal

As many as 7 in 10 Greeks said they negatively view the name deal between Greece and Macedonia, shows a recent opinion poll. The poll was conducted by the agency MRB from 22 to 29 June by interviewing 2,000 people eligible to vote in elections. Asked about the name agreement, only 12.8% said it was positive whereas 68.3% said they oppose it. Respondents were asked to rate certain parts of the deal in the rather comprehensive opinion poll, such as the new name of Macedonia, the nationality of the citizens of Macedonia, the language, national heritage, etc, MIA reported from Athens. More than 7 in 10 Greeks believe that Greece could have reached a better solution (75.1%), the agreement is more favorable to the national interests of Macedonia (73.3%) and it harms the interests of Greece (70.5%).

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