President Pendarovski holds New meetings

On Monday, President Stevo Pendarovski met with PS Talat Xhaferi. At the meeting, they underlined the importance of the legislative home’s importance to realising the reform agenda and achieving the country’s interest at an international level. Also, they agreed on further closer coordination of the two institutions to the benefit of citizens and in the interest of the country. The same day, the President also met DUI leader Ali Ahmeti. At the meeting, Pendarovski pointed out the need for the coming period to see all political stakeholders have a responsible approach and direct their capacities at fulfilment of the reform agenda so that Macedonia starts membership negotiations with the EU. Ahmeti congratulated Pendarovski on his election and wished him a successful term. Furthermore, Pendarovski’s activities that day included meetings with BESA leader Bilall Kasami and Swedish Ambassador Mats Staffansson.