President Pendarovski Receives New EU Delegation Head Geer’s Credentials

On Monday, President Stevo Pendarovski received the Letters of Credence by the new Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador David Geer. As he said, Geer’s term is starting in an exceptionally significant moment. “Now, in the period ahead, it is time for the decision to start negotiations to become effective with the adoption of the negotiating framework by the Council of the EU as soon as possible and to schedule the first Intergovernmental Conference between the European Union and North Macedonia that will mark the official beginning of the negotiations,” Pendarovski said. According to the Ambassador, the rule of law will be key in the accession negotiations. As he explained, that is both the starting point and the last step in the process. The Ambassador added that the negotiations would be as exhausting as they would be satisfactory. The same day, the President received the Letters of Credence by the new Slovenian Ambassador, Milan Predan, as well. Macedonia’s road to EU integration was among the topics discussed at that ceremony, too.